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Thermometry System

To detect potential problems in the grain during storage, grain conditions should be monitored periodically.

Thermometric systems for harvested grain

Proper monitoring of temperature and control of potential insect activity will allow for quick and effective reaction before problems get out of control.

Measuring the temperature of the grains stored inside the silo is essential, since an anomalous increase in the temperature of the grain is directly related to an increase in the biological activity of fungi, insects and/or of the grains stored, all of which implies a loss of quality.

Inside the silos, temperature is measured by means of temperature probes. The probes are reinforced cables that hang from the roof of the silo and are buried by the grain. Inside these cables are the temperature sensors, which are the ones that are going to give us the measurement.

To guarantee the correct functioning of the system, Silomasters only works with first line European manufacturers, specialized in the manufacture of this type of systems.

In addition to temperature control, these systems already offer the possibility of measuring the degree of humidity of the grain, the level of filling of the silo and the biological activity, by taking readings of the CO2 content.

Portable system

Manual System

Automatic and Centralized System

Portable system

The portable system is the simplest and most economical thermometry system for silos.

At the foot of each silo there is a watertight connection box with hermetic hinged lid, where the portable meter is connected at the moment of reading.

The reader obtains the readings from the sensors of the monitoring proves located inside the silo, having to keep a record of them to detect any variation that may warn us of any problem.

This system is flexible and can be extended at any time.

Manual System

The manual system is a portable system with built-in memory to facilitate temperature monitoring. A PC software is supplied where the measurements obtained with the handheld reader can be downloaded for a quick overview.

The equipment can store the readings of up to 594 different measurement points, which are the points that a medium sized installation would have. These measurements are stored in the memory of the equipment, for a later download and visualization in the PC, by means of the supplied software.

With this software, it will be possible to consult the temperature trend over time and make forecasts.

Automatic and Centralized System

The system allows to monitor in an automatic and centralized way the temperature of the cereal stored in a grain storage plant.

The measurement is made through cables with sensors uniformly distributed in the silos.

The probes are connected to a PC with the supplied software installed, or optionally directly to the plant management system through the MODBUS protocol (optional PROFIBUS), from where measurements can be observed, stored, printed and compared, among other functions.

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